Kuldeep Sidhu

Director, PMO (Project Management Office)


My overall experience with Tiffany was truly enlightening. Working with Tiffany is easier than cutting through butter with a warm knife. Her approach was to first understand the discombobulated thoughts that were running through all the different areas within my brain. She then sought to reaffirm what I shared, but in a manner that was completely organized, logical, and in a manner that I could take immediate action on. 

Prior to meeting with Tiffany, I knew that I wanted to do something outside of my current "job." While I have a wonderful job with great co-workers, I had a never-ending thirst to find something outside of “Corporate America." 

The frustrating thing about this was that I didn't truly understand "WHY" I was searching for something else. Nor, did I know "WHAT" it is that I wanted. Lastly, I didn't have a plan on "HOW" to get there. In my first session with Tiffany, I was able to understand the "WHY" and the "WHAT" and I was searching for. My source of frustration and the root cause for having a never-ending thirst to find something outside of the Corporate sector was 100% attributed to the fact that I spend my working hours doing things that are not aligned with where my passion resides. I should also note that I know exactly "WHAT" my passion area is now and can clearly articulate it now. 

Additionally, I was able to map out a plan on "HOW" to get to where I eventually want to be and "WHEN".

As a result of my conversations with Tiffany, I no longer spend time contemplating why I am frustrated. In fact, I am not frustrated any longer and have clarity with where I want to take my career. 

For those of you who are stuck in the Corporate Rat Race and TRULY want to find an exit path, but not sure how to do that, I strongly urge you to connect with Tiffany. The SOAR process is a program that works, and Tiffany Easley can definitely navigate and drive your experience through the program. Tiffany's approach is to first understand her clients and their challenges. She can then expertly guide her clients through a step-by-step program that will ultimate take them to their destination.

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