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Meet Tiffany

Soar Strategist, Tiffany is helping others live the life of their dreams. She accomplishes this by creating effective strategies and tools to help women win (SOAR) by shifting their mindset and serving from their place of purpose.

Tiffany uses her SOAR Beyond and Mindset Makeover programs to help her clients successfully
complete their personal Journey to SOAR Beyond. In addition to being a Soar Strategist, Tiffany is also an Ovarian Cancer Advocate, Author, Coach and John Maxwell Team certified speaker. She is known for her passionate, energetic, and practical approach 
in reaching entrepreneurs, women and faith-based leaders.


Her authenticity sets her apart, as she uses her personal experiences to coach others to success. Whether in a boardroom, a coaching session, or speaking to supporters Tiffany’s vibrant personality is sure to engage and empower everyone with whom she interacts, leaving them encouraged and motivated. (Full Bio Here)


Keandra Ward

Tiffany has been an active part of our "Connection Factor" Business Group on Facebook for the past six months.


 Tiffany’s willingness to learn, support and share is uncanning, her ability to support and lift others up even in the midst of her own trials allowing others to see that no matter the circumstances you can, and you will 'Soar".

 She's always willing to lend a helping hand or resource.  

Tiffany is an amazing person to know, if you ever have an opportunity to connect or better yet work with her don't pass it up!

Keandra Ward

President Founder Keystone Business Institute

Leslie Denman

Tiffany is an engaging speaker.  She is passionate about empowering people to SOAR.  Her ability to connect with her audience allows her to draw them in to deepen the learning experience.  She presents from a place of personal power, transparency, and relevancy.  She will definitely be a value add to your next event. 


Leslie Denman
Get to the Next or Girls Living Life On Purpose or 

Cheryl Pullins

Over the past decade, I have worked with Tiffany in several capacities. She has served as Producer, Project Manager and Co-Author for several of my projects.

What can I say, Tiffany is someone you want in your corner. She gets it! She pays attention to the details. As a matter of fact, she probably has a handle on the details before you can give them to her. That's just how intuitive and brilliant she is with her approach to anything. Tiffany is highly dependable. If she says she's going to do it, she's going to do it. She's an awesome communicator and knows how to get what she needs to complete her tasks. 

Tiffany has an amazing story. She's not just someone talking about it, she's living it. She has both the compassion and the capacity to help you SOARBeyond™ with confidence and grace


I want to hear from you. 

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Beyond the trauma of the diagnosis.

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