Soulful Prayers v.2

Prayer is a vital lifeline that helps us to sustain and strengthen our relationship with God. Yet, in those personal moments with the Father, we often grapple to adequately express our thoughts, feelings, and emotions. That is why Cheryl Polote-Williamson has returned, along with 44 inspiring coauthors, to bring you Soulful Prayers, Vol. 2: The Power of Intentional Communication with God.

This essential anthology is overflowing with heartfelt and reflective petitions that will elevate your communication with God to a new level. The prayers nestled within these pages—supplications for you, your family, community, business, and much more—will encourage you through challenging times, rejuvenate your hope, and lead you into the peace of His presence.

If you are ready to experience the greater intimacy for which you have been yearning, Soulful Prayers, Vol. 2, will usher you into deeper and more purposeful encounters with God.

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This journey is one which requires active participation from you. You will be given tool to help you move from a place of feeling stuck to living the life of your dreams.

Over the next 7 days, you will be challenged to TAKE ACTION which will help you SOARBeyond the drama, trauma and challenges of life.

Soar Strategist, Tiffany is helping others live the life of their dreams. She accomplishes this by teaching them to recognize the power of their dreams and visions, maximize the results of their initiatives, and successfully launch their projects. Tiffany is able to help others Soar Beyond through the use of her premier Soar Program

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The Journey to Soar Beyond

Victorious Affirmations For Women

“Victorious Affirmations For Women” (VAW) raises awareness to God’s daughters that they are victorious in ALL things. This book encourages and empowers its readers through 25 affirmations that will become God’s rhema (living word) as they speak each one of them into the atmosphere. After reading and speaking the affirmations and receiving them by faith, the book provides reflective questions for its reader to serve as a faith/spirit activator. It is the desire of the author that women will be empowered to impact their world as a victorious woman living a life a Kingdom Lifestyle.

$12.00 (including shipping)

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